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Links to other MicroHeli sites and resources

(Last updated on April 6, 2005 22:12 )

Here you will find a collection of links to various Micro-Heli sites and resources.All of the sites listed below are places that I have visited and found useful. I've put a few good starting points, and will be adding more links as time allows.

If you have, or know of a page that you would like to see listed here, please contact me with the details.



New Zealand Micro Heli related Sites

Auckland Indoor Flight Group - A group in Auckland that seems to follow a very similar philosophy to our own group.  They fly all kinds of indoor models including MicroHelis. Lots of pictures - a worthwhile site to visit.

Auckland Microheli Pilots Group - If you are in the Auckland area and looking for microheli pilots to fly and share tips with, the Auckland Microheli Pilots Group is now forming.  They already have a basic web page available, and also provide a mailing list at

Electricflight.co.nz - The home of the Electric Flight SIG of the NZMAA, with links, news and events information for Electric flight enthusiasts from all over New Zealand

Glen Sayers Micro Page - Glen's page contains info and pictures about his 'micro' addiction :).  His CP Piccolo is on there along with a HEAP of other micro R/C Models.  Well worth a visit.

Harry's Hornet

A local (Christchurch, New Zealand) flyer's page about his MS Hornet.  The site suffered a major disaster when its host did a runner, but its now settling into its new home, and Harry is dead keen to build the site back up to its former glory.  A great little site and well worth a visit.

Jon's EHeli Site
Another Christchurch, New Zealand site, this site has two primary subjects.  One is the Piccornet - a home-designed hybrid made from a mixture of Piccolo, Hornet, 3rd Party, and home-built parts. The other focus in on  the construction and flying of semi-scale helicopters based around micro-heli components.  Many pictures and lots of information at this site.

North Shore Model Aero Club - Another Auckland club with a large indoor flyer contingent.   A couple of helis featured on the 'Indoor" section of the site, so they obviously don't mind rotorheads there.  They have a VERY large indoor flying area - they even fly Voyager Es in there!.

Will P's Piccolo MIA MD Hughes 500 conversion - This Hughes 500 of WillP's has to be seen to be believed.  A Piccolo conversion using MIA's Hughes 500 Bodykit.  Will's workmanship is amazing, you really have to look twice at the photos to be sure that it's not the real thing.  The site includes step-by-step instructions with photos of how this amazing machine was built.  Great site - well worth a visit.

WIll P's Piccolo Unlimited - Another amazing bird from Will P's workshop - this is about as radical a Piccolo as you will ever see.

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Special Projects

Special Project SItes are sites that are involved in something a little different in the Micro Heli world.

The ProNet Micro Heli's World Tour!

The ProNet World Tour Home Site
Would you believe that a tiny little Micro Eheli is making a World Tour? Well it is! Visit Dana's great site for pictures, videos, and info as this tiny scratch-built hybrid microheli makes its way around the globe. Right now you can see it bidding a tearful goodbye to Victoria BC, strutting its stuff on Hollywood's walk of fame, and even getting cute and cosy with the girls, at the largest Hooters bar in the world! (it has to be Texas right?). Yeah I know it's hard to believe, so go have a look for yourself. The journey has hardly begun and next stop is Washington DC. Will the ProNet get to the White House? Stay tuned and find out!

The ProNet World Tour RCGroups Discussion
The official discussion site for the ProNet World Tour. Drop in there and see if the well traveled Micro-Heli is coming to YOUR town.

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Help and Support

Ikarus (Piccolo)

The Ikarus Piccolo BBS
OK if you own or are thinking of owning an Ikarus Piccolo Micro Heli, then just go here OK? :) This has to be the largest, busiest, best supported, most friendly, most helpful support BBS of ANY model helicopter ANYWHERE in the world. From 6 year veterans to brand new newbies, everyone gets along, and everyone has something to contribute.

Paul Goelz Piccolo Site
Paul is a Piccolo GURU. His website is a starting point for all Piccolo Pilots whatever their level and whatever their problem. The hints, tips, troubleshooting info, are all brilliant. Whether or not you have an issue with your Piccolo, visit Paul's site. You are bound to find some unexpected gem.

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MS Composit (Hornet)

The Hornet Heli Forum
Very similar to the Ikarus Piccolo BBS in the quality and scope of information. The Hornet Heli Forum is is definitely"the" place to go if you own or are thinking of owning a MS Composit Hornet.  A large user base of all levels of experience ensures that you will find the information you want, tailored to your needs.

JohnK's Micro Heli Site
A Micro Heli GURU of long standing,  JohnK owns and operates both Hornets and Piccolos.  John is also the originator of both "The Gnat" - a shrunken Hornet, and "The Moth" - a shrunken Piccolo.  John's main leanings of late have been towards the Hornet side of things, and although he gives good coverage to the Piccolo, this site is to the Hornet, what PaulGs site is to the Piccolo.  John also designs and produces a number of mods for Micro-Helis, some of which you can purchase from this site.

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Manufacturer SItes

Ikarus Modellbau
Manufacturers of the Ikarus Piccolo series of MicroHelis.This link will take you to the main entry point for their sites.  From there you can choose to go to their English, French, and German versions of their European site, or their US based site.  Please note that for english speaking users, the US site has the best information on the full Piccolo range as the english version of the European site does not seem to be kept up to date.

MS Composit
Manufacturers of the Hornet series of Micro Helis. This link will take you to the main entry point for their site. This site is also multilingual, the entry point is the English page, and from there you can select to go to the German or Czech sites.

GWS Dragonfly Page
This link will take you to the Dragonfly page on the GWS web site.

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Kit and Mod Suppliers

All of the suppliers listed below are companies I deal with on a regular basis.  They all provide excellent service and support and are great to deal with. I really can't rank these guys as they are all really good, so to be fair they are listed in alphabetical order.  I have also listed the country of origin in case you have preference for purchasing from your own area, and a brief overview of what they sell.

Bishop Power Products (US)
- Li-Poly Batteries and chargers, Brushless Motors, ESCs and gearboxes

DreamHobbies (US)
- Full range of Hornet  and Piccolo Kits, parts, accessories and mods.

E-Flight (UK)
- Full range of Hornet, Piccolo and Hummingbird Kits, parts, accessories and mods.

HeliHobby (US)
- Full range of PIccolo, Hornet, Hummingbird, Skylark, Helistar and Corona Kits, parts, accessories, and mods.

Precision Model Products (US)
Full range of Piccolo and Hornet Kits, parts and accessories. Manufacturer of many high quality mods for both the Piccolo and Hornet.

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R/C Heli Sites from around the world

Notable R/C Heli sites from other parts of the world

R/C Heli Addict UK
A neat 'community' style R/C Heli Site.  It features forums, news, reviews, galleries chatroom and heaps more. Lots of items of interest and well worth visiting.

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03/04/2005: Auckland Microheli Pilots Group spooling up the rotors...

If you are in the Auckland area and looking for microheli pilots to fly and share tips with

The Auckland Microheli Pilots Group is now forming.

A basic web page is now available at the

Auckland Microheli Pilots Group Website.

They are also running a mailing list for members / interested pilots which you can join at:


Special offer for all Micro-Heli pilots and Enthusiasts!

Own your own micro heli web site with an exclusive YourChoice.MicroHelis.com domain name.

Prices start from as little as $1.00US per month!

25% Discount Available for MicroHeli Sites.

FREE hosting offer for NZ Microheli Clubs/Groups

Build a great Micro Heli Web Site and WIN a FREE plan upgrade and FREE hosting for a year!

See our new Micro-Heli Web Hosting Page for more details.

15/01/2004 - Modeltek about to release card AH-64 Apache!

Click picture for larger view....

See the News section for more details.

03/12/2003 - MS-Composit Hornet II MicroHeli now available!

Click here to read our Hornet II full review

30/10/2000 - PMP developing their first MicroHeli - The PMP Pinnacle

See the News section for more details

2/10/2000 - GWS releases its first MicroHeli

See our News and our Brands and Models sections for more details.

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